3D Graphics and OOP Programming ALICE

Needs a LOT of revising and link checking some of this may be out of date or pointed out and / or deprecating/ phased out

Alice (http://www.alice.org/) is OS is OOP software (Object Oriented Programming i.e. it uses objects to teach you how to program) for creating and manipulating 3D models. It was developed by Carnegie Mellon.


Alice imports 2D image files, Alice models and 3D ASE files. ASE files are models output by the very expensive 3D Max commercial program – however if you have Blender there is a hack at the end of this section. More file formats may follow and the developers have recently done a deal with the makers of The Sims to integrate the program in there. (http://www.alice.org/index.php?page=sims_announcement/sims_announcement )

Alice also allows you to run your virtual world and record a movie of it and export to .MOV format so you can make Machinima of your scripted world. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Machinima)

Video of what Alice can do


Downloads for Alice

Secondary age pupils


Storytelling Alice – for a younger agegroup using story narrative


3D Models for using, manipulating and programming – there are many in the program itself!





Pre made ASE Models to import into Alice


Blender ASE Model exporter

If you are technically minded you can import Sketchup and other models into Blender and export them again in ASE format for importing into Alice by using a ASE plugin for Blender. That means you can get virtually any model out of Google Warehouse or other repositories and import them into Blender (with the ASE plugin below) and then export them again so they can go into Alice. See the diagram below for the work process...


How to convert an ASE file into an Alice file