What is it ?

Blender is widely regarded as the best Open Source 3D Graphics and modelling package so far – it is on a par with the very best commercial programs of its sort.

It was recently used to make the First Open Source Animation Movies Big Buck Bunny

and Elephant's Dream.

Blender is not for beginners – it has a very complex interface (text heavy but logical) and a whole host of import and export options – not only does it make models but it can also do animation and particle modelling – anything you can think of representing in simulations and loads of other features. It is beyond the scope of this Wiki to point out all the features but we have links to other sites where there are numerous excellent tutorials.


The interface for blender can be very daunting and it would be best to look at a few of the tutorials in tandem with opening the package for the first time.

In order to make Blender work with Second Life you need to download and install a special program into the Blender Scripts directory <make a video of how to do this and links otherwise people will be clueless. This section probably needs its own TOC at the top.

Educational Examples

Cleo learn Blender Moodle tutorial:

Editing Video using Blender

Sumit Sarkar on Making Ganesh with Blender

Video of Educational Use of Blender

Interview with Roger Lang, Sumit Sarkar and pupils -

Other Blender Tutorials

Combining GIMP with Blender to make model characters and animations

Screencasting Resources

Wikibook - Blender Noob to Pro