Copyright/ Intellectual Property Rights


image CC licence Attribution 2.0 Generic by Horian Varlan on Flickr

The minute you make, upload, download, import, export your or someone else's 3D Model data then you have to consider the use of that data in your projects. How you will use it and how others will, in turn, make use of it.

A good rule of thumb and good practice when dealing with Models is to think about:

1) Provenance and licensing
2) Scope of use

These two simple ideas can be an entry point to simplifying the reuse of other people's models or indeed licensing your own work for other people's use.

Bear in mind when downloading models from many "free" model sites that you will need to be sure that even advertised as free the models may have some licensing attached or some sort of terms and conditions of use. You must always read these and comply with them. Good practice should mean that you keep a log of materials, where you got them from, what format and the date and T&C (Terms and Conditions of Use) at that date.

A simple Google Docs spreadsheet like this will make life a lot easier when tracking the models you are using in a project:

Add exemplars of sites and licencing...Make video if one T&C section on a site highlighting the exceptions.

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