Gimp is the free Open Source equivalent of Photoshop and can read PhotoShop files. It is used more and more in schools as a replacement for Photoshop as pupils can download and use it at home. When used in tandem with Inkscape it can be a powerful picture processor to provide images and meshes to wrap around 3D Models or be used in Avatar design and textures and skins. (explain all these terms with exemplars, graphics, video and links - more multimodal ways in )


Specific modelling Gimp tutorials

Gimp tutorial Moodle course

Gimp/ Blender Tutorials

Year 8 Pupil's Work made after using the above course

How to make fabric folds textures in Second Life

Avatar clothing, skin template tutorial and other free tools for Gimp and Inkscape

More Free Gimp Tutorials (scroll down to “photo editing”)