Machinima is a portmanteau word mixing the terms "Machine" and "Cinema" - a whole new wiki could be devoted to this art form but for now we will point people to the Machinima Site: that has thousands of examples of output.

When considering teaching Machinima it might be useful to consider the fact that all the traditional media skills of writing scripts, characterisation, theme, etc still hold true.

Making models of characters can lead to further work in the art based curriculum using this medium.

Issues of Identity, Persona, Characterisation are all lurking underneath the use of these resources. There is a traditional cultural heritage to do with these elements in the arts so the output of several programs can be used in other areas of the curriculum.

More resources to include such as :

Script Writing - Open Source Script writing software v=OYquV8amr_I - Tutorial for above

Digtial Story Telling/MultiModal planning representation of story/ narrative

Other Digital Story telling Web 2.0 resources for Story Plots/ Creative Writing, Characterisation can be found here:

Other Useful resources

Older stand alone version of Moviestorm: moviestorm/article/are_ previous_versions_of_ moviestorm_still_available/



May be of limited use here but this is getting outside the remit of this wiki.