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Probably the best few for beginners are Sculptpaint, Wings, GoogleSketchup, Blender and Alice.

There are a number of Open Source Virtual Worlds where you can create objects as well and some people are even experimenting with Virtual Objects overlayed over the Real World – this is called Augmented Reality. 3D graphics packages play a role in making content for all these activities.


Is a very simple freeware program available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

It was built with the Open Source programming language Processing and it is released under a Creative Commons Licence ( , so it's freely downloadable and very simple to manipulate.

It only outputs 2 types of file:

A .PNG file that can be imported into Second Life and an .OBJ file that can be imported and worked on in more detail in the OSS programs like Wings, Meshlab or Blender.

It allows you to make and manipulate simple shaped 3D models that can be used in all sorts of other 3D OSS applications.

It's quick simple and clean – I found it to be one of the least difficult to learn.

It has got some powerful features and the models it makes all seem very robust and all seem to import into the other 3D packages quite easily with few, if any problems.

Once you get the hang of the program you can make quite complex shapes.

SculptPrint is used mostly to make “Prims” (objects in Second Life) – here's a short film of three objects I made and imported into SL (once in there I can script and control their interaction with other users) – as you can see they are very basic but they take up less memory in the virtual world and that is a boon for designers and makers in terms of bandwidth.