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Wings is a sub-division modeller (explain - simplify) that allows you to import several file formats from other programs or make 3D models from ketches of your own characters (see tutorials bleow). It's not that intuitive to use but if you put in the time and effort you can achieve stunning results. It allows you adjust and change various vertices and faces and has different camera views. I have imported the Sculptyprim model I made in the Sculptyprim for more detail. To get the best out of it you do need a mouse to control movement and views. It will take in various model formats from other mainstream commercial programs which you can then adjust and tweak as well. It's powerful despite the daunting interface. It has inbuilt limited help support but there are a some excellent user forums and tutorials around. It has limited render capablities but can be exported to more powerful programs such as Blender and Bryce (You can get a free copy of BRYCE for Windows < link doesn't work here – not open source but useful for learning).


It also exports to several other formats including a 'cartoon' option to **.EPS** or **.JPG** format so it can be the images can be used in **Gimp**, **Inkscape** and other Open Source 2D graphics packages.

You can also export objects into Second Life and for other Open Source Virtual worlds with the Wings Second Life plugin available at


Wings 3D Tutorials

User manual online

Wings 3D User_Manual

Some general Wings 3D tutorials

an excellent tutorial to show the workflow process from cartoon character to full 3D model. Good as a general introduction to the process of moving your ideas from 2D to 3D.

another excellent basic face-sculpting tutorial using basic polygons

How to model ears – click anywhere in the graphic zoom in an see link doesn't work

How to make a ghoul head – animated gif

Making 3D object from 2D shapes - using an extrusion tool to make “lathed “ objects link doesn't work

Excellent Wings' Tutorial site for making all kinds of 3D objects link doesn't work

Wings tutorial forum – a treasure trove about making 3D objects in general